Yosemite + LyX
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Stephan Witt
2014-10-23 15:47:59 UTC
I am trying to use LyX 2.1.2 with Yosemite, but review does not work for me. I cannot even preview the help manuals. I can export them to LaTex and then compile them with LaTex. This must be some path problem, but I do not know how to deal with it. Any help would be appreciated.
I noticed that LyX did not run "Reconfigure" on Yosemite, at least not in the directory that LyX expects it to be run.
1. Install MacTex # triggered installation of xcode command line tools
2. Install LyX # run once
2.1. Open Terminal
2.2. cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/LyX-2.1/ # user directory as shown in "About LyX"
2.3. Run python /Applications/LyX.app/Content/Resources/configure.py # path might be incorrect, I an not at my Mac at the moment, do a manual reconfigure, must be in the correct directory (user directory)
3. Run LyX
4. Open document
5. Preview document
Regarding the "convert" utility, this is actually imagemagick (possibly graphicsmagick) and I had to (following the recommended procedure) install MacPorts first, and it took me a whole night to get imagemagick to install through MacPorts (a lot of dependencies).
one in /opt/local/bin (from MacPorts) and another in /usr/local/bin (from MacTeX).
Because of the broken environment passing LyX cannot extend the system path for it's child processes.
The path list in preferences is effectively ignored. Perhaps it works for you because of MacPorts had
added /opt/local/bin to the system path?
Most people outside of Apple rate this as a serious bug of Yosemite.
At the moment there is no good solution at hand, sorry.
...except to run LyX itself from a terminal, right?
Yes, probable. But

1. I wouldn't call this a good solution.
2. IMHO, you have to run it from terminal not only once as some posts claims.
This will solve the reconfigure issue only. Your BIBINPUTS and TEXINPUTS e.g.
environment will not be passed when LyX is started from dock e.g. (not tested yet).
So you may be in trouble with bibliography and other included material.

What I want to try:
1. Test and provide an acceptable (hackish) workaround for the PATH problem.
2. See if it helps to pass our modifications to environment variables
with the QProcess::setProcessEnvironment() method. If this works we have
a way to solve this issue. If this doesn't work - then there is not much hope
until the Qt-Library is ready for Yosemite, IMHO. Alternatively one can wait
until Apple people realize they are violating POSIX standards and correct this.